Welcome to Union of University Part-time Lecturers in Tokyo Area

1. What is "The Union of University Part-time Lecturers in Tokyo Area"?
  Our Union, the Union of University Part-time Lecturers in Tokyo Area, is a branch of the General Union of Tokyo Part-timers (Head Union). The Head Union, organized in 1990, restricts its members to part timers. Following this, the Union of University Part-time Lecturers in Tokyo Area was organized in January 1996. At present the former and the latter have more than 2,300 and 140 members, respectively. The Head Union has an office and full-time staffs.

2. How can our Union help you?
  Our ultimate aim is to improve our teaching and research conditions so that all part-time lecturers can take pride in their jobs as higher education teaching personnel and researchers. So far we have negotiated with some universities and colleges to realize such demand as:
1) to revise their regulations on part-time teachers' contracts specifically to ensure the renewal of the contracts,
2) to raise the part-time lecturers' salaries.
As for 1), some universities agreed to withdraw the dismissals, or in some cases to pay consolation money in place of withdrawal (at more than 15 universities and colleges). As for 2), our union won the raise of salaries at Otsuki City College, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, and Hosei University.

3. The legal basis of our proposals
  Part-time lecturers working at universities and colleges are considered part-time employees under the law. The "Law for part-timers" is applicable to all part-timers. It states that all part-timers are eligible for bonus, retirement allowance, health examination services, welfare benefits, maternity leave, educational training, and employment insurance. UNESCO approved "The Counsel for higher education teaching personnel" in 1997, in which it is explicitly described that "the value of the service provided by part-time higher education teaching personnel should be recognized, and part-time higher education teaching personnel should proportionately receive the same remuneration as personnel employed on full-time basis."

4. Your employment is not jeopardized by union membership
  No! Japanese law ensures that employers cannot reject the renewal of your contract if you join union activities. If they refuse to renew your contract, you can rely on us. We will negotiate for you to win a new contract! No members have been terminated so far. We do not provide our membership list to the public so as not to cause unnecessary inconvenience.

5. What is expected from you, if you join our Union?
  Nothing, except the payment of a small amount of membership fee. You are invited to join the annual meetings at the end of March. In case you are unable to attend, a letter of proxy can be sent instead. There are some meetings and events held at the head office several times a year, which you are advised to attend, but it is not compulsory. You will not be required to attend the negotiations with universities and colleges, if you are reluctant to do so.

6. What advantages do you have when you join our Union?
  You will receive our newsletter "Teachers Lounge (Hikae-Shitsu)" to which non-members also have access, and our communication letters which are sent only to members. You can get job information regarding teaching positions, both part-time and full-time. When you have a wedding celebration, a funeral and/or another special event, a small money gift will be presented to you.

7. How much is the membership fee?
  When you join our Union for the first time, you are asked to pay 1,000 yen, which is the initiation fee. The monthly fee is 0.7 % of your monthly salary as a part-time lecturer plus 100 yen. If your monthly salary as a part-time lecturer is 100,000 yen, then your fee will be 800 yen per month. (Note: currently 800 yen is the minimum fee; even if your monthly salary is below 100,000 yen, you are asked to pay 800 yen per month.) You are not required to submit proof of your salary. If you are unable to pay even the minimum fee, then you are advised to contact the management staff of our Union. 200 yen out of your monthly dues goes towards the mutual relief premium.

8. Who is qualified to join our Union?
  Anyone working at universities, colleges and so on around the Tokyo area is welcome, irrespective of sex, age, experience, and nationality.

9. How to become a member
  For additional info, please contact Mr. Hermann TROLL, or Ms. Michi KAMATANl. Their telephone numbers are
Mr. Hermann TROLL     Tel./Fax: 03-3977-3757 E-Mail: htroll@hotmail.com
Mr. Noboru SHIDA     Takasago-samaria-mansion 605 8-10, Oiwake-cho, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, 192-0056
                                              Fax: 03-6745-5622
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